Surebet scanner overview BMBets

Number of scanned BM
Bets comparison
3.8 /10
Scan quality: 3
Scanning speed: 1
Operational safety: 1
Price: 10

Convenience for international audience and technical support

Scanner website is implemented in two languages:

Russian and English. English is also available in mobile version of the website. Analysis of the bookmakers list scanned by this website shows almost all popular international bookmakers. At the same time, there are very few bookmakers from Russia and CIS.

Technical support is implemented as special form to fill at the website. Unfortunately, there are no other communication channels with the scanner representatives. Of course, 24/7 support is out of the question. But it's no wonder as the service is completely free. Feedback form is implemented both in Russian and English, but no data is provided on the language of reply.

BMbets is free bookmaker surebet scanner. It is a main advantage and at the same time, main failure.

First, this website works poorly without proper financing. Second, it makes its selections widely accessible which results in many players bustling to make bets and get caught by bookmakers easily.

Now, the most important data on this website.

BMbets was started in 2010. It analyzes a massive array of bookmakers and sports, giving large selection of surebets with various coefficients up to 15. In social media, the website is represented in Facebook and Twitter. It is one of very few free relatively good surebet scanners. Due to this fact, it is very popular, especially among newbies.

Thousands of players view high coefficient surebets, and many of these players place bets. Upon a wave of similar bets, bookmakers get corresponding ideas quickly. BMbets users must be very cautious because they can found their account blocked right after two or three bets.

The scanner has simple and convenient website implemented in Russian and English.

This page presents most interesting surebets currently found, including value surebets (surebets of same bookmaker). Announcements of upcoming events and breaking news can also be found here. As we say, the stuff but not the fluff.

Service developers promise to develop web-service and API in future, as well as adding new tools to enhance process of searching for best bookmaker surebets.

Also, expansion of scanned bookmakers list is planned.

Bookmakers and sports

It is curious, that various authors describe different volume of work of this scanner. Number of scanned bookmakers varies from 50-70 in open sources. Scanner website gives number of over 63. We will be using it, than. Among analyzed bookmakers, there are popular ones, such as:

  • Marathonbet / William Hill / Pinnacle Sports / Titanbet / 888Sport

According to the website, number of its searchable surebets sports is above 15, include quite rare ones:

  • handball / rugby / snooker / water polo / bandy / table tennis / cricket / badminton / floorball / eSports

Bookmaker website has an individual section with list of bookmakers. Bookmakers info presented as a table indicating ratings (based on analysis of few indicators, including number of coefficients, bet lead width, scope of sports and championships), average payment percentage, presence of Asian handicap, Live bets and mobile version.


BMbets is easy for navigation, there are individual sections for surebets, bets comparison, value bets and surebets calculator. Surebets page is user-friendly, user can choose a time zone in the top part to search for relevant surebets. Coefficient format can also be selected:

  • decimal;
  • fractional;
  • American.

Functionality of selection filtering is quite wide. Player can select bookmakers and sports he needs. The scanner also allows to limit the coefficient value. Filtration settings can be saved. When visiting scanner next time, they will be opened in their saved state. But this option is available for registered users only. Yet, there are no other reasons to register at the website, as all other functions are available to anonymous users as well.

In value bets section, all required search parameters can be set. They are convenient as they allow to play within a single bookmaker. Yet, one must choose the bookmaker which will treat surebet users nicely.

Professional players may be interested in option of comparison of bets at various bookmakers. It allows to select most profitable bookmaker offers by searched event.

Another good function is surebet calculator allowing quick calculation of surebet profitability and determine optimal bet amounts. It should be kept in mind that the values given by the calculator shouldn't be taken as is, user must round them up in order not to get spotted by a bookmaker.

The scanner has a mobile interface; to use it, user must enter the website by special link starting with word "mobile". Mobile version has several disadvantages.

First, it is implemented in English only; second, it has less surebet filtration functionality. Nevertheless, one can operate it after getting used to it.

Достоинства и недостатки сканера вилок


The main and the biggest advantage of the scanner is its absolute accessibility and free basis. There are no limitations for surebets coefficient values like in other scanners which give only partial access to their accessibility. Here, absolutely everything is accessible.

Registration is required only for saving scanning settings for further visits. Also, among other advantages, there are:

  • Wide selection of bookmakers;
  • selection of sports, including not popular ones;
  • surebet calculator and bet analysis service;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • mobile version.


Talking about disadvantages, as it was mentioned before, the main failure is accessibility of this service. BMbets surebets can be viewed by thousands of players. Naturally, most of them would like to make a bet, but bookmaker may find such wave of bets suspicious. Together with the browser history (if its not deleted after the scanner website visit), it can become a reason for imposing sanctions or banning the account. Also, this accessibility attracts a lot of newbies, thus resulting in great user load for the website. It sometimes affects its performance. It is the only significant disadvantage, but it is quite important.


This website is generally noteworthy, it is especially interesting and handy for newbies. User can estimate general process of work with surebets and try betting on surebets found with the automated service. Yet, it's better to use more serious paid scanners for a serious game. Professionals can also make use of the bet comparison function and the calculator.

Interface screenshots

Feedbacks of scanner BMBets

A position of administration of the project is that there can't be any substance of the matter which is impossible to solve. So share your opinion, enter into the debate. We are grateful for all feedbacks!

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feedback: 1  
feedback: 1  
02.11.2019 16:33
Feedbacks of scanner BMBets (3.8/10)

Advised the scanner and generally like it. Arbs are given normally, the delay is minimal, so the coeff can be more or less worded. But special profitability for the month has not reached, +-10%, despite the fact that the balance is not enough for me , because there is nothing to risk and lose everything is not a pity)) dream to rise from zero almost as long as it remains)

22.02.2019 17:35
Feedbacks of scanner BMBets (3.8/10)

The scanner is really free.

Scans well, quickly. It is a pity that the bookmaker quickly, after the second bet, blocked my account.

Bob, 24 y.o.
12.09.2017 13:05
Feedbacks of scanner BMBets (3.8/10)

A nice service for permanent pre-match betting. Offers handy stuff such as calculator. Though I’m a newbie in betting, but this one appeared to be the most convenient and offered the greatest number of sports supported (I’m very fond of cricket – it’s not that popular, but this service supports it as well). I must also note the clarity of coefficients that enables to estimate the bet profitability.

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