Surebets vs Sports Predictions

Let's start with sports predictions. The Internet is full of various "experts" who are generously willing to help new bettors grow the pot without any effort. These professionals know exactly how this or that game will go, or even exactly know the score, because they know about the contractual type of match. However, in practice it turns out that they do not have any such information, and having received money for the forecast from inexperienced users, they immediately disappear, setting off in search of the next victim. In order not to become a victim of fraudsters, it is necessary to soberly evaluate incoming proposals, being able to separate the forecast, confirmed by the analysis, from a banal divorce.

Sport Predictions: how to identify a scammer

Paid sports predictions can be found on any social network and on specialized sites. People who want to make money not on bets, but on other bettors, create all kinds of groups and prepare a minimum evidence base, which allegedly confirms the success and honesty of the capper. Sometimes it is quite difficult to identify a fraudster, but with proper preparation, a number of factors can be identified that indicate that you should not have any business with this person or group of people:

  • If this is a group or network channel with a certain number of subscribers, you should take a closer look at the profiles of those who subscribed. As a rule, half of the pages there have been deleted altogether, and the second has not visited the site for a long time. If possible, you can also view which groups this or that person is still subscribed to. It's no secret that cheating subscribers is a standard procedure for everyone who does not want to waste time and wants to get a certain number of fictitious users. These subscribers are given out by a large number of various groups and channels that are unrelated to each other.
  • New posts appear daily, in which grateful clients allegedly show off the wealth obtained through this group. This should encourage new users to buy a forecast for a contract, because it's so easy to afford to buy a new car or even an apartment. In fact, it turns out that these are standard photographs found on several sites at once with changed captions. It is enough to run an image search to find matches. In addition, users do not make logical reasoning: if a conditional fixed match is offered with a coefficient of 10, and in the photo a person boasts that he was able to win 200-300 thousand from the very first appeal, then the initial bet was 30 thousand. If we add to this the amount paid for the forecast itself, then a serious initial capital is required, which is unlikely to be possessed by people who want quick and easy money.
  • Evidence of pass rates is extremely doubtful. People who guarantee success, as an example, in addition to photographs of the income of fictitious clients, show their own bets that they place on the same events that they offer to others. Some even shoot full-length videos. At the same time, cappers always use little-known betting companies in the video, and the consequences of editing are often visible in the photo. Modern technologies make it possible to build a plausible proof of the passage of any bet in a few minutes. It is necessary to look not only at the coupon itself, but also at what surrounds it. Especially when it comes to video.
  • As a rule, people who have information about match-fixing are either directly involved in the ongoing events or are closely acquainted with the people who organize the match-fixing. This means that the information comes from the same sources, which means that we are talking about the same tournaments. If, in an effort to show his success, a capper one day places a successful bet on the exact score in the Argentine Championship match, and the next day takes the jackpot on the exact number of yellow cards in the Belarus Championship match, then you should think about the veracity of the proposed results. Of course, there is always the possibility that this is a very knowledgeable forecaster, who knows in detail about all the foul games around the world, but then it is strange that he has a group of 500 people and is willing to sell information for 100-200 dollars.

Paid predictions are offered not only for fixed matches, but also for regular events with standard odds. This is done by the so-called experts who keep track of their long game and tell everyone about the number of wins and losses. These players, as a rule, simultaneously offer free predictions that demonstrate their viability, and paid singles or accumulators, which always run as long as no one buys them.

It is enough to get acquainted with the statistics of this or that forecaster in order to understand: at a distance, his gain is either insignificant or absent at all. We can say that most of them are honest cappers who really try to make analytical calculations, study statistics and select only those games in which the probability of winning is high. However, the facts raise doubts that, firstly, even when such a player builds a ladder together with his subscribers, his coefficients are noticeably higher than those of everyone else, and secondly, information about the matches for which paid predictions are offered already appears. after their passage.

Peculiarities of Paid Predictions: Should You Trust Outsiders

Finding sports predictions is effortless. Many professional bettors, confident in their abilities, seek to increase their own income by implementing paid predictions. They quickly gain a base among novice bettors, because 2-3 successful bets are enough for a new player to believe in everything. If you can’t succeed on your own, you can really use the services of specialists, but with a number of reservations:

  • The statistics of forecasters is in the public domain. If they are published on third-party resources, then they will not be able to hide their failures and everything will be reflected honestly. How many bets were won, how many were lost, and how many were returned. Amounts are also shown. Is the player in the plus at a distance, or has he taken all his subscribers into the minus. This allows you to choose a suitable better in advance, whose bets you should keep an eye on, and who you should stay away from. However, the inconsistency of the bookmaker's business can lead to the fact that the one who had almost all the bets yesterday, loses again and again today, and vice versa. If professionals offer free predictions, it is worth keeping an eye on several of them at once, isolating the best offers.
  • If someone offers predictions for a fixed match, you should immediately refuse such an offer. As mentioned above, agreements are extremely rare, and their real value is several times higher than the amounts requested by scammers.
  • Paid predictions offered by such players are not always able to bring real winnings. First of all, you should understand that this requires initial capital, because you need to pay for the forecast, as well as put enough funds on it to get a profit. For payers, the coefficients on average vary from 2 to 7, depending on whether it is single or express. The higher the quotes, the less chance of final success. The sellers promise that in case of a loss, they will provide a different forecast, but no one will return the money for the first one, and you will need to bet even more on the new one, with the same chances of success.
  • Bettors who have really been able to find an effective and effective strategy will not share it with just anyone. Forecasters work according to standard schemes, limiting themselves to betting on totals or live catch-ups. When offering free predictions, they almost never go over 1.5 odds, which mathematically increases their chances of success. Guided by logic and mathematics, a better can achieve the same success without looking at other players.
  • Using other people's forecasts, you have to adapt to them in everything. Bets will be made only when they are made by an expert. And the rest of the time, if you want to play or if you find a tempting coefficient, a novice player will be afraid that independence will not lead to success.

If a bettor has a desire to use the help of professionals to achieve success in a betting company, then it is not necessary to buy dubious predictions, because there is a betting arbitrage strategy. When choosing surebets or predictions, you should understand that they have quite strong differences, which you should familiarize yourself with before starting the game, but the profit from betting surebets can become much more significant, especially when it comes to earning money over a long period of time.

Why surebets are more profitable than predicitions

Thinking about enlisting the help of professionals, most novice players make a choice in favor of forecasters, who can see the available forecasts for free or for money. This option is much more popular and is known even to those who do not have their own account in any bookmaker. However, it is much more profitable to pay attention to the study of the strategy of betting arbitrage. Surebets are able to bring regular profits and do not depend on other people's calculations, because you can do the calculations yourself or trust a specialized program. The benefits of arbitration include:

  • Specialized surebet scanners are designed in such a way that they quickly and accurately select the right option. There are also special programs for making classic forecasts, but they are usually developed by scammers and do not bring the expected result.
  • Arbitrage guarantees the player a profit. The strategy is built in such a way that you can go into the red only in case of a sudden blocking of your account, but bookmakers, as a rule, limit themselves to cutting off the maximum limit, which allows you to withdraw all the money. Using other people's forecasts, in turn, does not guarantee profit at all. It all depends on the success of outsiders.
  • It is enough to understand the principles of finding a surebet once in order to successfully find arbitrage and increase the bank in the future. On our site you will find a lot of materials that will help you understand all the intricacies of surebets, and for free. Why you do not need to pay for surebets training, we will write in detail in this article. In the case of forecasting, success will be inconsistent, regardless of the quality of the selection of a suitable event.

Paid sports predictions require an initial investment and the search for a conscientious better who can provide a really successful bet, and not the first quote that comes across, the probability of passing which is not provided for by any checks. If you start playing with surebets, then you can succeed on your own by adhering to a number of simple rules.