Arbs over 10%

Surebetting – a strategy in sports betting that does not carry game risks, regardless of the outcome of the match, the player remains in the black. They are also commonly referred to as arbitration situations or simply arbitrations, for convenience, we will also refer to them as such. Usually, arbs with a yield in the range of 2-5% are flirted with. Anything below 2% does not make sense to take, you will not win much, only the account will be lost in vain. Well, the fact that more than 5% carries increased risks of blocking the account. Although experienced surebettors calmly bet on events with an income of up to 10%, even they rarely look higher, since the danger increases in direct proportion.

How much you can earn on surebetting

Surebets for sports from 10% seem to be a tasty morsel, because you can really earn significant amounts. Let's do an illustrative calculation. Let's say that we found an event with two opposite arms that have coefficients 2.5 and 2.1, naturally in two different bookmakers. We are ready to put a total of 200 euro. Now we calculate the amount of bets on each leverage:

  • We bet 108 euro to the 2.1 coefficient;
  • We bet  92 euro to the 2,5 coefficient.

If the first outcome passes, we get: 108 * 2.1 = 226,80 euro. If the second outcome passes, we get 92 * 2.5 = 230 euro. Note that the amount of bets can be varied depending on the expectations of the match result, or to round up the numbers.

On this arb, we earned 26,8  euro, putting 200 euro. Using simple calculations, we calculate that we have played an arbitrage situation with a yield of 14%. A good indicator, you must agree.

Now let's imagine that we played the amount of 500 euro, this would bring us 70 euro. And if you put a total of 1000 euro, it would be 140 euro. If 2000 you would earn 280 euro. The income is very large. Calculations show that this type of earnings can become the main one.

It is enough to imagine that we put only one such surebet on sports from 10% per day to see our potential earnings for the month. Let's start small – with 200 euro. We have already figured out that one session brought 26,8 euro, multiply them by 30 and get 804, this is if you do not miss a single day in a month. If we take 20 days, we get a result of 536  euro.

And if we place a bet 500 euro, we will get 1400 euro in 20 days, and 2100 euro in 30 days. If we bet 1000 euro, we earn 2800 euro for a 20-day period, and 4200 euro for a full month. A very decent indicator.

Now imagine that in a day we find and put on 2 surebets, and not on one. The amount of earnings becomes cosmic. And if you still imagine that we have arbitrage situations with a yield of 20%, consider for yourself.

What is the danger of arbs for sports from 10%

But, alas, not everything is so simple. High-yield arbs can bring fabulous profits, but bookmakers do not like this situation, and they put a spoke in the wheel in every possible way. Offices usually calculate the outcome with a coefficient of 1.0, explaining that there was an error in the line. As a result, the player goes into the negative, as one shoulder loses, and the second came with a refund. The situation is extremely unpleasant. This is why surebets above 10% are considered extremely dangerous.

Another danger is related to the fact that bets on arbitrage situations with high returns are quickly scorched by bookmakers. Accordingly, they quickly reduce the highs, or they can block the player's account altogether. In the first case, you can still withdraw money, in the second you will have to long and hard to achieve payment. Just for 1-2 bets, you can run into bookmakers sanctions, which means that you will have to look for new drops, spend money and time. If you're playing on a more sparing surebets for 2-5%, the account will "live" a little longer.

How to bet from 10%?

Surebets for sports from 10% very much attract players. Although it is dangerous to bet on them, there are still loopholes. Let's tell you more about them.

  1. Don't bet in two regular bookmakers. The word "regular" means all bookies, except for betting exchanges, Pinnacle and Sbobet. With a very high probability, you will run into a refund of the bet with a cap of 1.0. it is Better to take one shoulder on the Betfair exchange or Pinnacle and Sbobet, and it is desirable that the inflated coefficient is on their side.
  2. You need to moderate your appetite. Do not load the maximum amount on any shoulder, do not flirt with a large number of high-yield surebets. 1-2 bets per day will be enough. The more you try to earn, the faster you "get burned" and run the risk of getting your account blocked.
  3. Do not flirt openly a giant arb with a size of 50-70%. This is a clear error in the line of one of the bookmakers, and with 100% probability a refund will be made. In General, we recommend not to climb for a yield higher than 20%.
  4. Be a sane player. Before you place bet on arb from 10%, think about whether it is an error in the line, or just a skew. Obviously, if only in one bookie the coefficient is 3.0, and in the other 2.1, then there is an obvious typo and a refund will be made. In General, always turn on the brain, and do not play mindlessly.

Bets online is better

Actually, this section can be taken out in the fifth rule, but it is so important that we decided to devote a separate chapter to it. We recommend to bet on arbs with high income in Live mode, it is better to ignore the prematch. The fact is that pre-match arbitrages attract a huge number of players, and among them there are many inexperienced ones who do not adhere to any rules, as a result, the bookmaker easily notices such a mass and blocks everyone.

There are already professionals in Live, and their army is not so numerous. In addition, the bookie is more difficult to track the surebets on the air, because the coefficients here change quickly. A bookmaker cannot simply block players who bet in live, for this there must be many factors that prove that the client is abusing arbs. If you follow the safety rules, the risk is reduced many times.

Well, surebets for sports from 10% in Live mode are many times more than in the pre-match. This is another argument in favor of working in "live". This means that you will be able to earn more significant amounts. Well, do not forget that arbitrage situations are not always an indicator of bookies errors, often this is a natural movement of coefficients. Therefore, sanctions for them are not always applied.

Earn as much as you want

High-yield arbitrage situations in sports can bring a good profit, but on the condition that you bet, adhering to all the rules given by us above. In other cases, you will get nothing but disappointment. Let's make visual calculations, taking into account the fact that we play carefully and do not ship too large amounts. Let's imagine that we put 100€ for one game session, use arb with a yield of 15%. We put it twice a day. What will happen:

  • One arb will bring 15€. two arbs a day will bring 30€.
  • We earn 600€  in 20 days. For 30 days - 900€.
  • Let's imagine that on busy game days it is possible to put down more than two arbitrages per day. As a result, the profit exceeds 1000€.

The amounts are not bad. With the arrival of experience, you can increase the amount, say, up to 200, 300 € per game session. Accordingly, the profit on the surebets will increase by several times. You can read about how to choose the optimal budget for working with betting arbitrage in this article on our website.


Do not forget that in sports betting, discipline and common sense are important, surebets are no exception. Remember that they are also a risk. Don't gamble on the latter, don't get into debt, only bet money that you can lose easily, as if it never happened.