Arbitrage bets 2024

Arbitrage bet is one of the most controversial sports betting strategies. It has many supporters and opponents, each of whom is ready to give a large number of arguments in his favor. Newbies in betting, who are just learning about such concepts as surebets or positive middles, often cannot understand whether it is worth messing with it or it is better to find something simpler for yourself. And professionals, in turn, soberly weigh the risks and study the intricacies of the process in order to determine whether a similar method of work suits them.

Nevertheless, arbitration is a sought-after direction that has remained so for almost 20 years. In fact, this number is significantly higher, but it is customary to keep track of it since the appearance of the first professional scanners, which took the strategy to a qualitatively new level, making it truly massive. If before this, only a small part of the betters who worked exclusively with manual search were engaged in arbitrage, then the scanners attracted much more people, because almost all the work fell on the shoulders of specialized resources.

For the last several years, all discussions about arbitrage bets from the side of third-party users have in one way or another been reduced to the fact that this direction is either dying or already dead, because bookmakers have begun to strictly monitor every similar user and make him all kinds of obstacles. However, the opinion that arbitration is a thing of the past exists only among ordinary bettors. Professional bettors themselves are well aware that rumors are highly exaggerated, perhaps even specially so.

In order to understand whether the world of arbitration is changing and in which direction it is moving, it is first necessary to recall its state in 2023, which was discussed here. And on the basis of the obtained data, make a comparison that will allow you to create an up-to-date picture that reflects the real essence of things.

Features of arbitrage betting

Declarations that bookmaker arbs and other areas of arbitrage have not changed for many years can be partly considered true, but this point cannot be attributed to shortcomings. Firstly, popular sports betting strategies are precisely that for their consistency and ability to adapt to any situation. Secondly, the very essence of the work methodology implies standard actions, regardless of the circumstances. And, thirdly, it is much easier for arbitrators themselves to systematically improve their technique, gradually adding new elements to it, rather than trying to radically restructure themselves, losing all the work they have done.

However, despite the apparent stability, the world of arbitration does not stand still and is gradually improving. Opposition from bookmakers affects the tactics of professionals, and changing sports trends mean that key directions can change even for those bettors who have preferred only one specific sport for many years. It is worth highlighting several operational features that can be noted in arbitration by 2024. Some of them were the result of adaptation to modern conditions, and some are logical, given global trends:

  • Systematic evolution of scanners. In fact, the fact that bookmaker arbitrage scanners not only do not go into oblivion, but also continue to develop, perfectly answers the question “IAre arbitrage bets dying?” If arbitration were a thing of the past, no one was interested in and was not in demand, would global companies continue to invest effort and money in their creations? Of course no. And if there is demand, then there will be quality bookmakers. We will talk separately about how exactly scanners are changing and what the essence of their changes are, but even in general terms it is clear that those resources that were popular several years ago, for the most part, continue to improve, gradually attracting more and more users. Yes, the popularity of some scanners can only be judged by the figures that they themselves demonstrate, that is, the veracity of such data may be in question, but even if the developers increase their own statistics, they do not do it en masse, because there are always indirect indicators like online reviews and project capitalization. It is worth noting that the situation among the leaders in scanner ratings is also not stagnant: some platforms are developing better and more actively than competitors, gradually surpassing them in similar lists, others, on the contrary, try to maintain their stable level and do not jump over their head, and still others They cannot withstand the competition and gradually fade into oblivion. However, the overall picture is quite clear. Over the past year since the last review, not a single scanner has fallen to the bottom of the list. All platforms continue to introduce innovations into their work, and the quality of such updates can best be judged only directly by users who see in practice whether the next new feature is useful in their work or just a hindrance.



  • The number of sports is increasing, and some of them give rise to so many markets that you can’t work them out on your own, manually, no matter how phenomenal your abilities are. And here we need to highlight e-sports separately. If any of the bettors 3-4 years ago thought that e-sports had already taken off, captured its share of the market and that was enough, then he was very mistaken. This sport shows no signs of slowing down – the number of disciplines is growing, as is the number of e-sportsmen themselves. The prestige of tournaments is growing, the number of directions is growing, and with them the number of bets that can be made is growing. Most top scanners have long been able to work with e-sports; among the types of games they work with, the most popular are Arena of Valor, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike (CS), Dota, King of Glory, League of Legends (LoL), NBA, Overwatch , Rainbow, Rocket League, StarCraft, Valorant and Warcraft.



  • Another feature worth noting in modern bookmaker arbitrage again concerns resistance from bookmaker companies. Anti-fraud systems are working at full capacity, which means that any mistake or even any action that seems suspicious can lead to the account becoming useless or even lost. Because of this, the demand for drops is constantly growing. For most professionals, this is an absolutely necessary attribute, without which successful work can be forgotten. As you know, a drop is a ready-made account in one of the bookmakers, registered to another person. There are a large number of ready-made personal accounts that you can use to your advantage, but for this you first need to purchase them. And this is where a problem may arise. Of course, where there is demand, there are also offers, and the number of such offers is growing, but the number of attackers who are ready to provide low-quality services or not provide them at all is also growing. The price of drops is rising, and not every beginning affiliate marketer can afford to buy several ready-made, high-quality accounts. He begins to look for cheaper options for himself and becomes a victim of scammers. It is important to understand that a drop is not only a login and password for your personal account. The account must be confirmed and verified, that is, there must be a photo with a passport, and in some cases, a video. This is necessary, because the bookmaker can ask the user to confirm their identity at any time, and if this is not possible, then it will be impossible to withdraw money from the account. Therefore, arbitrage traders should now treat purchases of drops even more carefully than before. However, without additional accounts, the bettor will have to either change the bookie very often, registering with a new one each time, or behave as carefully as possible, which is still not a guarantee of safety.


Based on the presented features, we can conclude that the development of bookmaker arbitration is going both for good and for bad. It’s just that the shortcomings of the strategy associated with counteracting bookmakers have essentially reached their maximum. Bookmakers cannot start issuing sanctions to everyone, since at this rate they will quickly lose their clients, which means that the current situation cannot worsen. Accordingly, arbitrage traders are getting used to working in modern conditions, especially considering the fact that this level of resistance did not begin yesterday. But development in a positive direction continues at an accelerated pace. New areas of work are emerging, scanners are developing, and methods are becoming more refined. Accordingly, we can predict that bookmaker arbitrage will not only not go into oblivion, but will also begin to revive, becoming increasingly popular among people interested in sports betting.

Changes of arb scanners

As noted above, top bookmaker arbitrage scanners strive to actively develop, but not all of them succeed. One of the important skills of a professional arbitrageur is to notice in time when it is worth stopping cooperation with one platform and making a choice in favor of others. If regular problems occur, an increase in the number of negative comments from users, or even a lack of updates, it is worth considering that a long-term subscription in this situation may be a downright bad decision. It makes sense to regularly monitor the situation on the market, study updates in scanner ratings and draw conclusions about which platform is developing more actively than others, and which will be able to offer its users the maximum number of advantages in the future. It’s worth finding out what the market situation is by 2024 and what changes have happened to scanners recently. It may be possible to draw specific conclusions based on these data.

  1. Among those scanners that are systematically developing according to the initially adopted strategy, BreakingBet is worth special mention. This scanner is considered by many experts to be one of the best in the world, and this position is quite understandable. Breaking Bet is a case where the creators simultaneously try to focus as much as possible on their audience and, at the same time, are able to truly improve almost every aspect that comes to mind. Today it includes more than 200 bookmakers, more than 15 sports and all major types of bookmaker arbitration. Work is carried out both in pre-match and live. The search speed is one second. And it turns out that there is nothing more to improve. All existing functions have been perfected, so all that remains is either to continue to support them at the highest level, or to introduce something completely new. True, one difference did appear compared to last year: subscriptions have become more expensive. It is not known what exactly this is connected with, but if previously all calculations of earnings on sure bets were based on the fact that BB provides high-quality services at a favorable price, now this price has become noticeably less profitable.
  2. All the main old-timers of the market who were around at the dawn of professional arbitration and are still in demand both in 2023 and 2024 can be included in one category. We are talking about such scanners as Surebet, RebelBetting and Oddstorm. Each of them is famous in the arbitration community and is still popular despite the fact that none of them can be called industry leaders anymore. These scanners are an example for all platforms that want to remain in leading positions for a long time. Pointed updates and minimal innovations allow them to maintain an audience, and sometimes gain new customers, without offering anything fundamentally new for many years. Yes, Rebelbetting is known for working as a full-fledged software for a computer, and Oddstorm is the only scanner that works with polish middles. But all this was known many years ago. At the same time, there have been no global updates here for a long time, and it is unlikely that they will appear in 2024 - the developers simply do not need this. For example, Surebet is one of the most frequently updated scanners among all programs, but at the same time, it still has a fifteen-year-old design. Updates concern exclusively small innovations such as adding a new bookmaker or fixing emerging technical problems. However, there is no doubt that these scanners will be included in all sorts of tops for a long time, not only for their length of service, but also for the quality of the data provided.
  3. The condition of one of the leaders in recent years, PositiveBet, raises serious doubts. On the one hand, this is still the best platform for working with live. Arbs, middles and values can be found in a second, there are many quality bookmakers, and besides, the cost of subscription has decreased, which is now $70 per month without the extension and 95 with the extension. However, the lack of any clear actions on the part of the developers is surprising. That is, a year ago they created a new version of the site, which you can go to by pressing the appropriate button, and called it a test variation. And now, a year later, this version has not undergone any changes at all. It was just a test version, not completed to the end, and remains so now. Of course, arbitration professionals can say that it makes no difference what design the site has if the technical component is at its best, but this is not entirely true. The scanner's face attracts new customers. In the case of the same Surebet, where the design also does not cause delight, we can say that no one there really focuses on beginners, focusing on the benefit of old clients, but the creators of Positive Bet can hardly afford this, only if they They also do not intend to gradually stop the development of the site. And this is exactly how it looks at the moment: the lack of updates means a reluctance to compete with other leaders, and where there is no desire to compete, there is no proper technical equipment. This is not to say that the quality of the scanner has become worse over time, but it is not getting better either. It seems that the developers were convinced that their creation copes better with live than anyone else, and they calmed down on that. And this could become a dangerous precedent. Therefore, it is impossible to say exactly how this scanner will perform in the future. Most likely, he will continue to maintain the same level, but without serious investment of effort, he will never become an absolute leader.
  4. Speaking about scanners that have lost the trust of the audience, we should not forget about 3BET. The same platform that burst onto the market with a bold claim to learnable artificial intelligence has just as quickly disappeared from the radar. There are still no updates or information on the product, so it can be argued that this is a dead scanner, which can already be removed from the ratings and tops, sent to other platforms that have not been able to cope with competition and market difficulties.

Using the example of the described scanners, we can conclude that each resource chooses its own development path. Someone strives forward, someone is content with their current positions, and someone, on the contrary, consciously or unconsciously makes things worse. One thing is certain: the variety of scanners will continue to allow each affiliate to carefully study all available offers and make a choice based on their own preferences.

What to expect from 2024 in arbitrage bets

In the modern world, it is quite difficult to predict any events in advance, since something out of the ordinary can always happen, which will confuse all plans and spoil all forecasts. However, as we have already found out, bookmaker arbitrage is quite firmly on its feet, so we can make several predictions regarding what exactly awaits arbitrage traders in 2024:

  • The year is full of sports competitions, many of which will be available to arbitrators. In addition to classic annual tournaments such as eSports majors or the Champions League, the European Football Championship and the Summer Olympic Games will also be held. At the same time, due to the coronavirus, this will be a unique case when the Summer Olympics will be held three years after the previous one, and not four. As everyone remembers, the games in Tokyo were postponed for a year.
  • Bookmaker arbitrage scanners will continue to move in their chosen direction. Some will gradually fall into disrepair, while others, on the contrary, will continue to develop, gradually outperforming their competitors. Every affiliate who works with one of the scanners on an ongoing basis should monitor the situation and be interested in current information, including on our website. This will help you notice in time that some of the resources are worth taking a closer look at, while others, on the contrary, should be avoided.
  • Opposition from bookmakers will remain at the same level. Accounts will be banned, limits will be cut, but with a competent approach and careful adherence to the rules, it will be possible to extend the life of accounts without the need for daily replenishment of the collection of drops.

There is a high probability that in 2024, bookmaker arbitrage will gradually gain popularity, which means that all those who have not yet started working should do so as quickly as possible, because the increase in popularity may lead to an increase in subscription prices.