SureBetSlip-plugin for quick work with arbs

When betting on arbs, speed is important: if you do not have time to bet on one of the "arms", you can easily go into the negative. Switching from scanners and searching for events manually in a huge line of bookmakers has become unprofitable — in a wide variety of outcomes, it is easy to get lost and never have time to find the right market. To make the work of arbs easier, some scanners offer different software solutions that can independently go to the bookie and fill out coupons, the user only needs to confirm the bids.For example, Arbhelper from BetBurger.

The Surebet scanner has introduced the SureBetSlip extension, which is designed to facilitate the work of surebettors and remove the task of independently searching for the necessary events on the BM sites. It is convenient, comfortable, and easy to understand. In this article, we will tell you what the plugin can do, how to install it, which bookmakers it supports, and other important points.

What can surebet plugin do?

As soon as you click on a sports event in the scanner, go to the site of bookmakers The SureBetSlip extension will immediately issue coupons in bookies with ready-made amounts, you just need to check them and confirm the bet. However, the plugin can not always quickly detect the desired outcomes, because the BM line can be very diverse. For example, 1xBet and Bwin offer hundreds of options in a line, so you need to wait a while for the extension to scan the line and find the required options. But still, it's much faster than if you did everything manually.

SureBetSlip runs in the background, runs simultaneously with the browser, and is activated as soon as the player goes to the betting shops ' website. You can disable it by clicking on the Surebet logo at the top of the page, then it will become strikethrough. The developers warn that the functionality of adding an event to the coupon is not implemented for all bookmakers, for some only the transition to the site is available, that is, you need to find the desired outcome yourself. The full list of supported establishments can be found in the chapter below.

What bookmakers does the plugin support?

Almost all the bookmakers that the surebets scanner service works with also work in SureBetSlip.

This list can not be called final, the developers promise to regularly add new operators and connect them to the SureBetSlip extension.

How to install SureBetSlip

The plugin only works with two browsers: Google Chrome and Firefox. Here is a brief installation guide for each option.

For Google Chrome

  1. Download the archive from the official website of the developer and install it using the standard Windows tools.
  2. Go to the Google Chrome settings and select "Additional tools", then " Extensions»
  3. In the menu that opens, click on "Developer Mode".
  4. Click on "Download unpacked extension" and select SureBetSlip in the context menu.

For Firefox

  1. Click on the link to download the archive.
  2. You will be prompted to click on the "Continue installation" button.
  3. A message should pop up that the extension has been successfully installed.

That's all, you can start surebetting. Please note that you can also work with the extension in private browser windows, if you use them to go to bookmaker sites.

Conclusion about SureBetSlip

SureBetSlip is constantly being improved and refined. You can help the project if you leave a review, report bugs, and express suggestions for functionality. Note that the extension functions only in the pre-match mode, this is due to the fact that the Surebet scanner does not support Live mode. Therefore, some delays with the transition to coupons and their filling can not be called a significant disadvantage. In the pre-match arbs, the bettor still has more time to have time to bet on all  "arms".

The plugin is distributed for free, which can be called one of the main advantages of the project. You don't need to pay for any extension functionality. You can freely download and install it, you don't even need to register in the scanner itself, and you don't need to pay the tariff either. Use free plugs up to 1% and connect SureBetSlip, so it is also allowed to do so.

You will find the article "Program for arbs" useful, in which we talked about the most popular and functional programs for working with arbitration situations in sports.