Arbs scanner more than 1%

To earn money on arbs, you must use the services of scanners. It is too long and unprofitable to search for suitable bids manually, and the resulting profit will not cover the time spent. There are a lot of services for finding arbitration situations, there are paid and free scanners, software and web versions, the choice is great. A large number of different services often pose a lot of questions to the player — and which one to choose, which one is better, how they differ. Today we will give answers to these questions and tell you about the features of scanners.

Choose services that show arbs above 1%

Is it worth spending time on arbitrage bets where the profit will be less than 1%? Definitely not. Again, the time spent will not pay off, you will still get some money, but so meager that it is better to get a job in the office. In addition, do not forget that the bookmakers will put a stick in the wheel: reduce the highs, block the account, arrange endless identity verification. If you really work, then only for a normal profit.

This is why we strongly recommend using surebet scanners over than 1% and working only with them. Yes, in most cases, they are paid, and cost a lot of money, but the income will be such that the labor costs will pay off with interest. Of course, if you have the relevant experience and enough knowledge to reduce the risks of blocking by bookmakers.

Using arbs up to 1% is justified only in two cases:

  • You have just started dealing with arbitrage bets and are gaining experience. Bookmakers are not so careful about small surebets, because there are tens of thousands of them per day. The BM simply does not have enough resources to take everything into account.
  • You recapture the bookmaker's bonus. For example, you received an incentive for the first deposit of 100%. To withdraw "free" money, you first need to put it in 10 times the amount. This is usually done in two bookmakers. Even negative arbs of 0.5-1% are suitable here.

But as soon as you start dealing with arbitrage bets professionally, you should switch to high-yield surebets.

Best surebet scanners over 1%

As already mentioned, there are many services on the market for finding arbitrage situations, and the eyes willy-nilly run away. Which one to choose? No one will give an exact answer to this. Someone likes one site, someone else, someone is looking for cheaper options, someone is more functional. In general, there is a huge amount of input data. Look at your requirements and requests. If you are ready to allocate a large budget, choose something more expensive, as a rule, such services have a minimum of errors and excellent support service. If you have just started the path of the surebetter, give preference to something simpler.

List of the best surebets scanners over 1%:

  • BetBurger is the most popular service and the largest. Its services are used by tens of thousands of people. The prices here are "biting", the minimum tariff plan costs 129.99 euros per month of use, while the functionality is significantly reduced, plus Live rates are not shown. The cost is more than offset by a wide range of options and almost error-free delivery.
  • BreakingBet is another popular service. Here the prices are quite reasonable. The minimum price is 11.99 euros for 30 days of use, only pre-match arbs are shown. At the time of writing, the Live mode is in beta testing, so the cost is the same as in the previous case — 11.99 euros. Also on the site there are bets with a preponderance.
  • Positivebet is the most popular arbsscanner over 1%, working exclusively showing Live bets. The price is $70 for 1 month of subscription. The cost is above average, but the service is really cool: there are a huge number of matches every day between almost any bookmakers. There are also overweight bets and corridors.
  • ArbMate is a high-quality scanner. Supports: Pre-match and Live surebets, Polish corridors, classic corridors. There is a proprietary extension for Google Chrome, with which you can bet in anonymous mode, without fear of blocking bookmakers. There is a blog on arbitration in sports, where you can learn a lot of useful information. One of the features of the service is the ability to independently choose the number of BM that you want to monitor, this allows you not to overpay for unnecessary services.
  • The Forks is not a standalone scanner, but a software based on Positivebet. That is, it is implemented in it as part of the "subscription+"tariff. A month of use costs $95. Today it is one of the most convenient tools for finding arbitrage situations, offering a full range of services: anonymous access to the bookmakers ' website, automatic setting of all shoulders, profit calculation, online accounting.
  • OddStorm If not for the price, this scanner would be considered the best not only in Europe, but also in Russia. But the prices of several hundred euros per month of use are simply not affordable for domestic players. Otherwise, the service is very advanced, suitable for professionals who are used to working with six-figure sums. The scanning speed does not exceed a fraction of a second, there are a lot of useful tools, shows the Polish corridors. The price for a month of use on the cheapest tariff plan is 155 euros.

The list of surebets scanners over 1% is, of course, not limited to these options, there are many more. We have listed only the most popular and reliable ones. You can have your own tools.

Free arbs scanners — should I use them?

At the same time, there are quite a large number of free arbs scanners on the market that offer to view arbitrage situations of any profitability. Many players find it very tempting, but we do not recommend not using them for professional play. Let's explain why.

First, the functionality of free scanners is greatly reduced for almost everyone. If there are filters, they do not help much, and many simply do not have it. Plus tools like pause, sound notifications, and so on. Many services do not even have an elementary surebet calculator, which will not allow you to calculate the yield from each arbitrage.

Secondly, there are a lot of errors in the output and significant delays. For example, you may see arbs that disappeared about 15 minutes ago. That is, just non-working rates. Often free scanners are wrong, show the wrong percentage of profitability, the sport.

Third, the overall inconvenient functionality. Usually there is a lot of intrusive advertising of dubious bookmakers, illogical navigation. It immediately becomes clear that these services were created exclusively for earning money on advertising materials.

In general, we conclude that using free services for finding arbitration situations is such a pleasure. This is justified only if you are not in a hurry, do not seek to make arbs a source of income for the time being, but only, for example, study.

Conclusion about surebets over 1%

For serious work, it is better to definitely use surebets scanners of more than 1%. If you need training, many services have free functionality that shows arbitrage situations up to 1%. It should be enough with the head to learn how to put well and quickly. The list with the best sites we have offered, take any suitable one and use it for your health.