Surely, while working with scanners, you have wondered more than once or twice why the whole process cannot be made faster. When the next arb in live flies due to a long switch between tabs or loading a coupon, sometimes you just want to close your browser and stop with arbitrage, which takes so many nerves. However, not only you and I know about such problems, but also the creators of these arb scanners. Moreover, they are driven not only by the desire to retain as many users as possible, bringing them profit, but also by competition among themselves. There are quite a few scanners that are roughly on the same level. Someone is more good at one thing, someone at another, so they try to create additional benefits, one of which is a browser extension.

As is usually the case, as soon as someone in a certain field came up with something original and working, the rest immediately rushed to repeat their success. Initially, the scanners were not so simple, because the same RebelBetting decided not to bother at all and rolled out a separate program, but the general principles remained the same. It's the same with extensions. We don't know who first came up with the idea of making scanner extensions, but it's a popular practice now, and is used by many scanners.

In this article, we will tell you more about Oddsclicker for BreakingBet. Why is it needed at all, how to work with it, what are the advantages and disadvantages.

Oddsclicker plugin: how it works and what it is for

BreakingBet is objectively one of the best scanners out there today. They have a lot of advantages, which we have already talked about, and, more importantly, few disadvantages. It is immediately clear that the developers do not eat their bread in vain and regularly try to come up with something new. At the same time, this latest does not spoil the picture, as is usually the case. So with the expansion, the idea turned out to be successful. The creators began to cooperate with SportingServices, which specialize in the development of such applications, and rolled out Oddsclicker.

An important clarification right away - the extension only works with Chrome-based browsers. That is, it is best to use a program from Google so that no errors pop up. Otherwise, there is a chance that you will swear loudly when you download the application and cannot install it.

The Oddsclicker extension is required for the following operations:

  • First, find a suitable surebet press the button, and the application will put down "the arms" of the surebet itself. Initially, the program finds the selected outcomes on the websites of bookmakers. It is not uncommon for situations when, through all the tabs, you get to the third Czech water polo league, the quotes have already changed several times. Here, the process is automated, and you don’t have to look for anything.
  • Next, the found outcome is added to the coupon. Moreover, this happens in two different tabs on the sites of two different bookmakers at the same time.

Instead of searching for everything yourself, all you have to do is place your bets. Sounds pretty convenient, doesn't it? Moreover, the calculator will calculate the shoulders. Go to the already open bookmaker tab, there is already waiting for a coupon with the desired outcome, check the odds and bet the pre-calculated amount. Then you repeat the process in the second tab with another bookmaker and that's it - the arb is set.

Installing and configuring the Oddclicker 

Unlike the usual browser add-on, when you just need to click on the installation and use it, everything is somewhat more complicated here. Finding the right outcomes is only the visible side of the program. An equally important component should be the fact of protecting and hiding user data. Otherwise, it will be good to have an extension that simply takes it and goes from the scanner site directly to the bookmaker site. Yes, such an account will be blocked in 5 seconds and they will say that you have no shame or conscience at all. Therefore, the process is somewhat longer, and consists of the following points:

  1. After subscribing to one of the tariffs, a new user of the Breaking Bet scanner receives a link to download Oddsclicker.
  2. A new folder is created on the computer and the downloaded archive is unpacked inside it so that all components are in one place.
  3. Next, open Chrome and go to extensions. You will need to switch to developer mode to make the necessary changes, and disable any other add-ons that may be in the way.
  4. Now it remains only to download the new extension for the scanner, specifying the path to the very folder that you created.

That's it, now a new "feature" is built into your browser for faster work. But a simple installation won't be enough. You will also need to make the necessary settings so that nothing fails during the process, and the program itself does not interfere with the browser's work.

  1. By clicking on the installed add-on, you get into its settings, where you can do everything the way you want. Since this extension was created specifically for Breakingbet, its settings are appropriate: you can separately place windows for value, for two-part or three-part surebets.
  2. Proxies are configured separately for each bookmaker, creating additional protection when transferring directly from the scanner. You can do it automatically, enter data manually or turn off proxies for some bookmakers, especially those where you are going to actively bet.
  3. Then you can set up exactly what actions are needed with each specific bookmaker. You can do nothing at all, you can only go to the site, you can go and find the desired outcome by adding it to the coupon, or you can go, collect the coupon and enter the value calculated by the calculator in the amount field. In fact, it is very convenient that you can choose everything individually, since somewhere you need everything to be prepared, and somewhere you need to additionally check it.
  4. Now we need to restart the browser and, after a new launch, make sure that Oddsclicker for Breaking Bet is in the list of working extensions. All surebets will have a corresponding jump button.

That's it, now you can get to work and test the new functionality. The main thing is not to forget that the increased speed does not protect you from possible risks. On the contrary, with such functionality there is a risk of relaxing and running into a "left" coefficient. How to protect yourself as much as possible, we wrote in detail in this article on our website.

Advantages and disadvantages of Oddsclicker

The advantages of such functionality are obvious and, in principle, we have already listed them earlier:

  • The ability to speed up the work process by automatically searching for the desired outcomes on the websites of bookmakers and setting coupons.
  • Information protection and confidentiality in front of offices that will not be able to find out that the user has transferred to them from a third-party resource.
  • Convenient settings and the ability to calibrate actions with each BM separately.
  • Another important advantage is the fact that the scanner extension is already included in the subscription price. There is no such item here as in some other scanners that if you want to use such a program, then you need to choose a more expensive tariff. No, Oddsclicker is already included in the initial price in the BreakingBet.

However, there are also disadvantages that should not be forgotten:

  • Not all browsers support the extension. Now there are not so many people who prefer Opera or Mozilla, and even more so Explorer, but, nevertheless, there are such arbers. And they will either have to install a new browser or abandon the program.
  • Also, do not assume that all bookmakers are so loyal to third-party programs that will perform some actions on their sites. Those settings that we talked about above, where you can set the access level, are not applicable to all offices. Some of them only allow links to their sites and nothing more. Others may allow the outcome to be added to the coupon. This point will need to be studied in practice, since there are many bookmakers in Breakingbet, and each has its own characteristics.