Whether you can make money with free surebets

When it comes to popular sports betting strategies, the professional bettors are confident that it is surebets. We would like to say in a moment: it is certainly true. But this is our execution in the first line for newcomers who want to know how to make money with 1% surebets and put really thick money.


In order to make assignments according to Surebets strategy, you should proceed as follows:

  • find some reliable and respected bookmaker and register there;
  • estimate the current surebet correctly;
  • do not show up in the bookmaker as a surebettor;
  • use surebet scanner: you track the location and give out possible variants.

However, these are only general recommendations, which do not give a beginner confidence in their own forces and make him nervous, which would not be good for an efficient measurement of forces with the betting providers. What do you want to do? The answer comes from the already mentioned auxiliary services, which offer a free search to the 1% surebets and to try thus a possibility to earn with minimal equipment (operations).

What affects the amount of profit

How realistic is it to earn free surebets? There is no clear answer, but the following circumstances affect the amount:

  • The size of the coefficients of the bookmakers, which have been determined by the betting office. The difference between the coefficients can correct the amount of profit in percent: from some fractions to several units.
  • The amount you bet on the outcome of the event and the distribution of the total amount on the shoulders (surebet arms).
  • The time the player spent searching for surebets.
  • The number of surebets found within a day.

According to statistics, such an approach can make an amount between 1% and 20% of the bet on an event rather realistic. Everything depends on the original money used in the game and the player's interest in the result: how much time, diligence and attention he is willing to invest in betting.

The arbs make it possible, at best, to earn money with a set of bets on any event or to play zero, ie without losses. Therefore, Surebets are considered lossless: they guarantee a profit regardless of the final result of the event.

Attention! The Free surebets are attractive because the scanners provide the relevant (complete) information free of charge, as opposed to the reputable (3-20%) surebets. The last one you have to pay and invest 30 to 40 Euro per month. A concrete tolerability of Surebets up to 1% is corrected in the free version by the choice of Service.

Important facts every surebettor should know

  • As the 5%- or even 10%-surebets become increasingly rare, 1-2%-surebets are the most popular average size.
  • Thanks to the constant updating of the bookmakers lines surebet exists for 3 to 5 minutes. A lifetime of 10 minutes is a rare case for a Surebet.
  • Surely free arbs are attractive in their own way. It would be better to use such freebets minimally and place bets from 3% and above.
  • One should only deal with large, established bookmakers, which show a lot of bettors and do not require interest for the replenishment or withdrawal of funds.
  • 1% surebet is a theoretical real merit, but only for small stakes and an originally large bankroll. This helps to replenish them constantly with small but regular sums.
  • Be prepared to withstand the providers blocking the game of profi. It may happen that a 1-2% surebet is snapped, but the desired profit is missing because one of the betting office representatives has cut maximum bets.

Whether the amount of work is worthwhile

An example of earnings with 1% surebets can illustrate this. A bettors's starting account is 1000 €. It was distributed evenly between five betting offices: 200€ each. To keep the attempt simple, a stable coefficient of 2.02 without dispersion was assumed. A successfully Surebet gives us $ 2 profit. It would be possible to create 2 to 4 Surebets in an hour. With a high-performance work in a 12-hour working day, one could create between 30 and 50 Surebets, which would bring a profit of between 60 and 100 BE in Dollar equivalent. In reality, however, the bettor would receive about half of this amount. The restrictions of the betting provider, significant differences in coefficients, etc. The actual amount in 20 work days per month would be between 400 and 1000 € with a daily profit of between 20 and 50 €.

Attention!  The amount of profit is influenced by the cash turnover (the greater the turnover, the higher the profit) and the number of the Surebets.

P. S.

One should not ignore such a type of merit as freebets – this is the announcement to the beginners, but it is not safe to get too excited about it. Although you deserve with such surebets properly, you should determine the limit, which you should not exceed. One should bet with such a strategy in order to gain experience and be prepared to high risks and a high time, nerves and effort.

Select the most appropriate scanner, you can with the help of scanner toplist, hosted on our website.