Is there a future for arbs?

The debate over whether arbs have a future has been raging for years. Open specialized forums, social networks, or just thematic sites – you will see that the players are divided into two opposing teams. The first are sure that arbitrage situations in sports betting are gradually dying, they say, a few years will pass, and that's it, they will disappear completely. The second object that the surebets are alive and will live as long as there are bookmakers.

We decided to raise this topic in today's article and give a full answer to the question: are arbs the future or are they already the past? Let's immediately indicate our position – arbitrage in sports betting will not disappear, not in a year, not in 10 years, not in 100. This is possible only under one condition – one day all bookmakers will cease to exist at once. This categoricity has a reinforced concrete Foundation. We are ready to give a lot of arguments in favor of the future of surbets, and in this article we will talk about them.

More bookmakers appear every year

Almost every month, the opening of a new bookie is announced. Of course, not all of them are reliable, some are simply created as ephemeral to raise money and disappear safely. However, quite a lot of good bookmakers also appear, they strive to join the betting business on a legal and honest basis. Moreover, long-proven and successful bookmakers also remain. The competition is off the charts. 

The more bookmakers there are, the stronger the competition. Operators are literally forced to give good coefficients in order to attract new customers and retain old ones. Fortunately, today there are a lot of bookies where bettors can place bets. There is no doubt that the lower the quotes given by the bookmaker, the less people bet there, and the lower its income. It's as simple as that. In General, due to the huge competition, the number of surbets is not something that falls, but increases.

We can imagine a situation when there are no more than 10 bookmakers on the market, and they have learned to monitor each other's line. In this situation clearly it could be argued that surebettors days are numbered. But it is clear that this is nonsense. As long as there are free market relations, there will definitely be no fewer sports betting operators, which means that there will also be arbs!

The number of sports events is increasing

The obvious statement: the more sports events in the bookmakers line, the better for the surebettors. And there are really a lot of them. You can see this for yourself by opening the mural of any bookmaker. Every day in the world there are several thousand competitions in various disciplines, and operators offer to place bets on many of them.

Let's take football. Almost every country has its own championship, lower divisions up to level 3, Amateur leagues, and national Cup. Plus a lot of international tournaments:

  • Champions League;
  • Europa League;
  • Copa America;
  • World and European Championships;
  • Olympic games;
  • Asian cup.

And this is only a small part. New tournaments are added every year. For example, in 2018, the League of Nations appeared, and in 2021, the UEFA conference League starts. There is no doubt that there will be more competitions in the future.

Using only football for arbs, you can already earn good money, there will never be a shortage of events. If there were a couple of tournaments in the world, and only a few national Championships, there would be no arbitration situations between them. As it is, they are always in abundance.

For other sports, the picture is exactly the same. Hockey, tennis, volleyball, basketball, American disciplines have a lot of tournaments every year. And their number is only growing. Plus eSports, which is already a little less popular than football. In General, sports events are increasing, and so are surebets.

Surebets scanners are growing and developing

Those bettors who started betting in the mid-2000s probably remember how the first scanner appeared. And it made a splash. Thanks to the automation of the process, the profits of surebettors have increased. Many years have passed since then, and there are a large number of scanners on the Internet, including free ones. The competition between them is off the scale, as well as between bookmakers. As always, our scanner rating contains only the most up-to-date and objective information about all existing scanners.

How is this useful for us, professional players? And the fact that specialized services can no longer raise prices to sky-high heights. They have to make discounts, arrange promotions and set the cost of services at a fair level. Obviously, the more functional the scanner, the more expensive it will cost. Those who play big can use more advanced platforms. Well, those who bet small amounts can pay attention to the simpler options.

In other words, there are special scanners for all categories of surebets. And that's great. This means that arbitrage situations will not be the privilege of rich players who can make a big Bank for betting. You can start with 100-200 euro, because there are services with rates of only 30 euro per month. In General, surebets definitely have a future, because everyone can afford to pay for scanner services. And the income received from bids will cover expenses and bring it to a plus.

Modern technologies are getting better

The main argument of supporters of the death of arbs is the development of modern technologies. They say that bookmakers have introduced such powerful tools for determining surebets that it doesn't make sense to deal with them. A couple of bets will cut your account and that's it, the money is lost. Let's agree, Yes, in recent years, bookmaker has become more advanced, they have launched programs that can automatically analyze the behavior of the player and recognize it as a surebettor. But we do not stand still, but also develop!

In the early 2000s things were easier. There were not many surebets, and the bookmakers turned a blind eye to them. This made it easier to work. If an account was blocked, it was possible to create another one, and from the same computer to fictitious data. And it was rolling. Not now, of course. Offices have implemented technologies that are able to determine the client's hardware by the smallest parameters, plus identity verification. However, walochnik had invented a counter:

  • It is not necessary to buy new hardware. There are a lot of online services that replace not only IP, but also all other parameters of the computer and network connection.
  • If the account is cut, new documents are purchased for real data. Moreover, the front person can even talk via video link with a representative of the bookmaker's office.
  • Some scanners already have functionality for spoofing real data. You just need to pay a certain amount and use the service.
  • A set of security rules has been developed to minimize the risks of blocking. For example, you can bet only round amounts, not play to the maximum, or imitate the behavior of an ordinary bettor.

For each action, a counteraction is invented. And the possibilities of bookmakers are greatly exaggerated. If they had supertechnologies, they would have just died, and long ago. And they, as you can see, are alive, and are not going to disappear anywhere. There is no doubt that even if the bookmakers introduce new ways to calculate unwanted customers, the surebettors will come up with an antidote.

New surebet-based strategies are being developed

Once there were only surebets in their pure form, and they seemed an incredible discovery for their time. Today, arbitration has become an integral part of sports betting, and for many players, it is a working routine. Of course, bookmakers have also learned to effectively counter them. We discussed this in the previous Chapter.

But nothing can stand still. A lot of strategies and tactics of the game have already been created based on surebets. Here are just a few of them:

  • value bets;
  • middles;
  • incomplete arbs;
  • polish middles;
  • positive middles;
  • various variations of bonus hunting;
  • Express trains with a safety net.

And so on. Yes, they have a risk of losing, and it is higher than in pure arbitration (but the profit is greater). But the fact remains that, globally, these strategies are still varieties of arbs.

And such tactics appear on the market regularly. Something that is really working, that it is outright junk. But be that as it may, progress is on the face, so there is a future for surebets. Uniquely. What dies does not arouse interest, but rather develops, causes a stir.

Even if you assume a fantastic scenario that you can no longer bet on arbs, there will still be numerous derivative strategies created on their basis. And they certainly will not disappear.

Surebet community lives and thrives

First, a little story. Remember, at one time, account promoters were popular in bookmakers? They offered to take control of the account and raise the Bank . A certain percentage was taken from the winnings themselves. These people once flourished, but today they are almost gone. The players realized that this was a divorce, so the demand for services fell. There was a natural extinction due to uselessness and inefficiency.

If arbs were dying, we would already feel it today, and there would be a natural decline in demand. But there is no such thing. The oldest surebets forums are active, with dozens of messages appearing every day. There are a lot of sellers who sell courses in sports arbitration. New scanners are being launched, and entire sites on the topic of arbs are being created. In short, activity does not think to fall. On the contrary, every year it grows and grows, and so far there are no prerequisites for the fact that one day surebets will become history. We take the liberty to say that they have a bright and monetary future.

What conclusions do we draw

We have given 6 arguments in favor of the fact that surebets are alive and will live as long as there are bookmakers and as long as there are many sports competitions. Do not listen to those who claim that the arbitration is dying, or has already died altogether. This is not true.

Why are some players so skeptical about surebets? The reason is simple – they tried it once and didn't like it. I didn't like that it was necessary to work here, I didn't like that the activity requires time, I didn't like that you need to invest finances. A lot of people come here and expect that now the money will flow to them like a river, it's enough to spend half an hour a day and issue a couple of coupons. Similar promises and all sorts of "guru" . Alas, all lies. Court of arbitration for sport is:

  • investing real money, and at the initial stage with almost no return;
  • real tedious work at the computer for several hours a day;
  • constant cutting of accounts, buying drops, refusal to withdraw money from the bookie, and a lot of other problems that need to be solved.

In other words, arbs are a full-fledged job, provided that you do them seriously, and not as entertainment and an extra 10 euro a month. Well, many people think that it will be easy, then they are disappointed, and then they write that "surebets are dead".

Yes, in recent years, it has become much more difficult to place bets on arbs, bookmakers have become smarter. However, sports arbitration still brings a good income to those who are willing to work. And it will always be relevant.

In General, we conclude throughout the article – the future of arbs, of course, is!