Extended functions of surebet scanners

Selecting a proper scanner may be one of the key factors to ensure stable income in betting. Such a service should monitor coefficients of dozens of bookmakers, find arbitrage situations, and dramatically optimize the process of searching. Making every effort to satisfy customers, scanner developers continuously improve their products and regularly introduce new options. They are aimed at bringing even more comfort to betting with surebets in sports. What are these extended functions?

Bet Calculation

It must seem to be unnecessary, though it may come in handy — particularly for beginner arbers. Called to analyze investments, it usually comprises a whole set of formulas. Bet calculation evaluates the efficiency of an arbing strategy selected. Should it be weak, the gambler can notice it at any time and take a new direction on time. Such “accounting” can expose new ways for improving the deposit and preventing funds from being suspended, always bringing them into the game.


Arb Calculator

A multi-function tool, with potential stemming on the formula basement designed for certain events: handicaps, totals, several-bookmaker surebets, and others. User doesn’t need to look into technical details or have special knowledge — the service does its stuff. The only thing required from a gambler is to specify the betting amount — generally for an arb or for either of its leverages. The tool will calculate all the parameters and present ready results with the arb profitability assessment. Some services support currency monitoring, essential for proper leverage calculation.

Hide Menu

Not every scanner can impress with such a tool. This option is often used to hide an event needed for a certain bookmaker; to hide a specific arbitrage situation, event, or even an associated bet. A user may pick out the truly needed information from the plenty of facts; or hide an event, a bet, or a current arb. After hiding an event, the scanner will not show all possible outcomes of it for either bookmaker.


This section displays various data that may help, for instance, analyze closed orders. Statistics reports on profit growth and deposit dynamics, describes the picture of completed orders, and shows events targeted for betting. Allows for analyzing the changes of coefficients for a selected arbitrage situation. A user will not even need to go to the bookmaker website in order to evaluate the relevance of an arb.

Arb Sorting

One of the most beneficial tools for arbing, especially for professional betting. The essential requirement is proper sorting setup. A gambler should choose either to be guided by the higher profitability or faster return on investments. Several sorting methods supported.

  • Sorting based on ROI
    Sorting by the profitability coefficient for the specified period. Arbs are selected according to their efficiency, evaluated for two parameters — efficiency of the arb and the period of return. Sorting by ROI enables a gambler to control the total amount of funds allocated for betting.
  • Soring based on the event start time
    The sooner a competition starts, the higher line it will take in the arb list. The option aids rational spending and optimizing deposit turnover. If the betting amount is limited, then the funds and the gain will return faster.
  • Sorting based on the higher profitability
    Supported by most services. Surebets are selected from the highest to the lowest profitability rate. The top of list contains the most profitable situations, and the gain amount grows in line with the arb’s earning capacity.
  • Sorting based on “age”
    Evaluates the period between the arb emergence and the moment when it is actually found. For such a sorting method, arbs that emerge later, take higher positions in the list. It is comfortable to exclude irrelevant situations from the flow.


Scanning middles can be carried out and sorted by the coefficient, expectation, overvalue, probability, win and loss. They usually take place on handicaps and totals. When built it, the option significantly reduces the time for searching such situations. The function is particularly beneficial for live arbs — there, the picture changes in real time.

Value Bets

Value Bets

The artificially high coefficient indicates that the event probability is actually higher than bookmakers consider it. Here’s what it looks like: a value coefficient of a bookmaker stands out from the general picture when comparing line, being higher than the average. Most services are capable of providing data on such bets. A scanner searches value coefficients across lots of bookmakers, finds and analyzes them, and then outputs a result for an outcome suggested by a bookmaker, in comparison with others. Eventually, a user receives the program-calculated figures, analyzed probability, and the overvalue (in percentage).

Sound Notifications

A nice feature for monitoring. It can be just a signal notifying about the emergence of a new arb, or an extended option offering finding middles, value bets, and others. Usually, a user is allowed to choose the notification pattern from the list.

Coefficient Format Converter

If a service does not include it by default, it would be a great complement. Works with various types of coefficients. Pro and con bet formats conversion that could be conducted at any time. For instance, conversion of an English coefficient (decimal) into a British (fractional), American, European, Indonesian, Hong Kong, other.

Redirect to Bookmaker Website

Live surebets require rapid response. This option is called to save time, immediately redirecting a gambler to the adequate page of the bookmaker. All that increases chances for successful leveraging. The function starts operating after specifying all amounts and confirming the bet order.

Close Coefficients

Close Coefficients

Not all the services support it, and BetBurger is an awesome exclusion. The tool shows a gambler the list of coefficients of various bookmakers for the certain event outcome. It becomes clearer how bookmakers overvalue. Coefficient overvalues of various bookmakers for the same event outcome are compared. This saves a user their time, monitoring lines of dozens of bookmakers and displaying outcome coefficients. Then, a gambler just needs to choose and place a bet, selecting a bookmaker offering the highest leverage.

Bookmaker Selection

Handy if some amount remains on the account of a bookmaker and must be spent. Information is monitored across bookmakers from the general list. A user can choose bookmakers to place bets at. Essential bookmakers for each arb are also searched, as well as the initial bookmaker playing the arb.

What is the result?

Scanner selection is not just about a cozy interface. The richer is functionality, the faster is arb detection. Extended options make finding arbitrage situations and placing bets more convenient. There continuously come new opportunities and services, though it affects the price. However, it’s up to users to choose the most preferable scanners.