Black list of arbs scanners

The term "black list" has long been in our lives, especially with the advent of the Internet and mobile communications. Initially, it was for filtering junk email that this convenient function was invented – addresses of those senders with whom you would not like to contact, for example, spammers, were entered into the black list. And messages from them will never reach the users. Now almost any smartphone has such a built-in function, thanks to which you can literally exclude all messages or calls from an unpleasant person.

What is scanner blacklist

In fact, these are the companies that have ceased to provide quality services in the market of scanning arbitration situations. This may be due to various reasons, for example, the company decided not to develop in the chosen direction. After all, there are quite a lot of services for scanning surebets and middles on the market now. In order to stand out, you need your own "chip", something that will be beneficial to distinguish from competitors.

Services that have ceased their activities or have modified it, we immediately exclude from our rating. It contains only the most current information. We keep our finger on the pulse all the time and are ready to make changes as soon as they happen.

Why it is important to work only with high-quality arbitration scanners

Of course, to use quality things are much nicer and often more useful. This applies to any object in our lives – whether it's food, clothing, shoes, gadgets and more. The same applies to arbs scanners and other arbitrage betting. If we talk about the parameters by which the quality of services provided by them is evaluated, then this is:

  • The number of surebets in the results, about the lack of arbs and bugs bonding;
  • Number of scanned bookmakers and sports;
  • Scanning speed;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Speed and competence of the players support service;
  • The presence of additional functionality that extends the capabilities of the scanner and gives an advantage to its users.

List of not recommended scanners

Below we provide a list of scanners betting arbs and other arbitrations, cooperation with which is not recommended with a brief indication of the reasons

  • A-Bets,  website a-bets.com. The owners of the service decided not to further develop their activities in the chosen direction. There is no specific information about the nearest plans. Site scanner is no longer available. We excluded him from our rating so as not to mislead readers.
  • BettingHive. Similar to the previous scanner – at the beginning of its activity, active work was carried out to improve the service and attract new customers. At some point, as they say, something went wrong. At the moment, the scanner does not operate in the direction of interest to us.
  • TX Odds, website txodds.net.  This service no longer applies to the search for arbitrage betting.
  • Bet Devil,  website betdevil.com. The site contains only information about valuebets. There are no other types such as surebets and middles. 
  • InfoBet, website infobets.ucoz.com. The website evokes a feeling of abandoned project. The abundance of advertising only worsens the already bleak impression.

Free arbs scanners

Still, it is highly recommended not to use the free services of search of surebets, middles and valuebets. Of course, everyone would like to save. But such savings can be costly for players who decide to try a arbs strategy. So, why should you bypass free scanners?

  1. The first thing that lies on the surface - free plugs are in the public domain and information on them can be recognized by any Internet user. When a surebet will put down her arms will be just a lot of players. This will no doubt arouse suspicion among bookmakers. Often they make the so-called" throw", i.e. deliberately overestimate the coefficient of one bet in their line. According to the rules, then they can make a return on it as a mistake in the line. And all who bid on this event players immediately calculate how professional player. And apply appropriate measures to them, the most common of which are account lock or cutting max.
  2. As a rule, many free services provide information with a time delay. This means that not all players will be able to take advantage of favorable offers. Coefficients can significantly sink and the arb by the time of the publication can no longer exist.
  3. A large number of errors. After all, no one is responsible for a quality result. Especially a lot of mistakes in the lines of the NBA and the NHL, as well as baseball, where guests and hosts are not in the order in the lines to which we are accustomed.
  4. No live mode. Work with such arbs harder, than prematch. But the profit will be much higher. This is true for any better, especially for those who have a small starting bank.Free surebets online can be viewed only BetBurger. But there they are limited to a income to 1%. Next-only paid subscription. On the surebet up to 1%, of course, you can bet. But a lot of money to make this, this mode is presented rather for review.
  5. No additional functionality. For example, the previously mentioned scanner BetBurger has developed a plugin for the transitions in the bookmaker Arb Helper. After installing it on your computer, the player just log in to your accounts bookmakers. Further, when the surebets are from the calculator will be directly added to the basket of bets already at the bookmaker. All this saves time.
  6. The absence of any supporting players. After all, this kind of assistance requires the participation of a person who has to pay a salary. With all emerging issues betters are left alone with their questions.
  7. A well-configured filtering system for arbs, outcomes, bookmakers, profits, ROI and much more, what is available for customers of paid services, can greatly facilitate the life of the player working on the surebet strategy.

In order to be successful among the services of scanning betting arbitration, they need to constantly develop. It is not only about adding new bookmakers or sports, but also about the qualitative improvement of its software, the usability of the site, the development of new features. After all, the more satisfied and successful the customer is, the more likely he will return for the purchase of new subscriptions.

Much of the success of the strategy of wagging depends on the players themselves. Everyone is able to choose a reliable partner who is not included in the black list of scanners.