What is the opposite outcome?

What is a surebet? It is the bet on opposite events in different bookmaker offices. With that, coefficients to these events must be so that in case when the one bet wins (correspondingly, the second one loses), gaining would cover costs for both bets, giving profit.

What can be called the opposite outcome?

Talking about surebets you set just 2 leverages for, i.e. two outcomes, then opposite outcomes are quite clear.

A classic 1-X-2 layout. 1 stands for the win of the Team 1; X is a Draw; 2 is the win of the Team 2. For this layout, opposite outcomes are as follows:

  • 1 against X2;
  • X against 12;
  • 2 against 1X.

Consider the match of the group stage of the UEFA Champions League between Bayern Munich and PSG. The line on this event in one of the most popular bookmakers is presented below:


1 - win of the first team, Bayern

X - draw

2 - win of the second team, PSG.

Outcome to Bayern's victory will be a draw or a PSG win; a draw will win Bayern or PSG win; to win PSG win or draw, Bayern.

Bets on handicap

Also, Bet 1 will have the opposite outcome – H2 (+1) – positive handicap for the Team 2 will include Draw and Team 1’s win, i.e. a gambler will stay in profit with any result.

As we are surebet-speaking, some more details about it are needed. The idea to “load” with a handicap came to horse racing organizers in the Medieval, when equal-ability rivals could not compete, and a favorite emerged – to equalize chances a bit, the favorite was loaded with some extra burden. Surely, handicap in gambling doesn’t stand for excessive kilograms hanging on sportsmen to make their jumping/running tougher, etc. The one thing that is “loaded” is the final result.

Positive H2(+1) handicap tells us that the specified number (in parentheses) will be added to goals of the Rival 2. In our case, we have 1. H(-1), conversely, says that the final score will lose 1 goal. If the score will be good after such an operation, then the bet will win. For instance, Ural-Spartak match gets H1(+1). The game is finished at 1:1. Positive handicap makes it be 2:1 – thus, Ural bet wins with a positive handicap.

Opposite outcomes will be

H1(+1) against H2(-1)

For clarity, we consider a line in the  match of the English Premier League between Brighton and Hove Albion and Crystal Palace

Bets on total

One of the most demanded markets for betting is Total bets. Total is the amount of goals of the game. For example, the game is done with 2:1 – its Total is 2+1 = 3.

Opposite outcomes:

  • To 1.5 against Tu 1.5
  • To 2.5. against Tu 2.5
  • To 3.5. against Tu 3.5

and so forth.

Main total for most of football matches is To 2.5 vs Tu 2,5; hockey - for example, KHL - To 4,5 vs Tu 4,5, NHL - To 5.5  vs Tu of 5.5. For example is the match of NHL between New York Islanders and Vancouver Canucks.

Similarly, it is about individual totals of teams/sportsment – goals/points of a selected team, are summarized. Opposite outcomes will be analogical to straight totals.

Talking about more than 3 leverages of surebets, more complex combinations may emerge. Here are some of them:



  • Tu 3
  • To 2.5
  • Tu 3

Such combination is to give some profits with suiting coefficients. Betting just Tu3 and To 3, we may get a cancellation in case when goal number is 3.


Another case:

  • To 3.25
  • Tu 3.5
  • Tu 2.5


  • To 3.5
  • Total 2-3
  • Total 1-2 

and so forth.

With handicaps:

  • H2 (0)
  • X
  • H1 (-0.5)


  • H2 (+0.75)
  • 1
  • H1 (-1.5)


As you can see, calculations there may turn out to be very complicated. Surebet (arbitrage) searching services may come in as a reliable support there. Their algorithms are designed to look for such information and display it to users. We hope our reviews will assist you in choosing a great and right-hand helper in this difficult but still worthwhile and profiable business.