Surebet scanners accepting cryptocurrency payments

The use of a arbitrage scanner on a regular basis is necessary for every arbitrageur who wants to consistently earn money at a distance and quickly receive the necessary data. The variety of programs presented on the market from manufacturers from different countries confronts bettors with the need to select exactly the resource that will meet all existing requirements and not fail at a crucial moment. Scanner ratings can help with this and tell you more about each service, but what if there are more specific requirements? For example, pay for a subscription with cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, not all scanners accept payment in this currency yet, so you should familiarize yourself with the availability of the function in advance before registering.

Information: RedCrypto site dedicated to cryptocurrency arbitrage. It turns out that surebets can appear not only in sports betting.

Advantages of cryptocurrency wallets

The classic option for paying the fare is using a bank card. Most often, users resort to this option, as it is more familiar and effortless. For many, the card is generally tied to the device, and payment is made by pressing a single button. In addition, the option of paying with an electronic wallet such as Perfect Money, WebMoney or Qiwi is often offered. The advantages here lie in the fact that you can use any currency, as well as quickly make transactions. Also, the option is suitable for those people who do not want to show bank card data on the network.

Cryptocurrency wallets are rapidly gaining popularity, focused both on the combined use of money and crypto, and exclusively on tokens and coins. Among their advantages are:

  • The ability to store currency and cryptocurrencies together, making profitable exchanges. At the same time, having dollars and bitcoins on your account, you can regularly make purchase and sale transactions or purchase other cryptocurrencies.
  • Ensuring the required level of anonymity. Crypto wallets do not require the input of personal data, a passport or any other documents.
  • The development of the popularity of the crypt makes it possible to make purchases in markets and pay for services using coins.

You can be sure that in the future the popularity of crypto wallets will only grow, which means that more and more services will be forced to add the possibility of such payment for the services provided.

Which scanners can be paid for with cryptocurrency?

Among the scanners presented in the rating, not all platforms are equipped with the possibility of such payment. You should separately consider each resource in order to find out where you can pay using a crypto wallet, and where you can’t do this:

  • BreakingBet. The scanner, which is considered one of the best on the market, does not provide any clear information in this regard. Cryptocurrency emblems are presented in the payment tab, but upon closer examination, it turns out that you can only replenish your account with a bank card or an electronic wallet. In some countries, the Perfect Money wallet is available, which, as you know, also works with bitcoins, but users who tried to pay for the tariff in this way encountered various errors and the inability to continue the operation.
  • Positivebet. This scanner cooperates with several payment systems, including WebMoney and Skrill. You can pay for a subscription with bitcoins or litecoins, but only if this crypt is supported by one of the partners of the resource.
  • BetBurger. Unlike competitors, BB quickly realized that the future lies in the cryptocurrency, so already in 2020 it added the ability to pay for services with bitcoins. Today, the scanner can officially be paid using bitpay, one of the largest bitcoin wallets in the world.
  • RebelBetting still only accepts bank cards, Skrill and Neteller among the payment methods. There are no other options to pay for a subscription.
  • ArbMate is another scanner where cryptocurrency deposits are not provided. By tradition, there are only standard payment systems and bank cards.
  • Forking. Despite the modernity and the latest functionality of this scanner, the main page provides little information about the capabilities of the platform. The resource lures visitors by all means to register and buy a subscription, and only after that you can get the necessary information. At the same time, payment methods remain standard - only bank cards and electronic wallets.
  • TheForks. Despite its own platform, Forks depends on its older brother PositiveBet not only for surebet information, but also for subscription fees. All transactions go through Positive according to the rules established there.
  • Surebet. Like most other resources, Shurbet does not provide for the possibility of replenishing an account with cryptocurrency. For payment, there are bank cards and various wallets popular in a particular country.

From this mini-review, it follows that few of the developers of the leading arbitrage scanners strive to regularly update payment products and equip them with new features. The number of arb scanners that accept cryptocurrency can be counted on one hand. At the same time, of all the top programs, only AllBestBets officially announced the start of cooperation with a crypto wallet.

Possibility to pay with cryptocurrencies

If you don’t find the name of your favorite crypto wallet in the list of possible payment methods, don’t rush to get upset. Although it may not be obvious, almost all resources have the opportunity to pay for the work of arb scanners with cryptocurrency. This is due to the fact that, as follows from the list above, most scanners have partner agreements with payment systems such as Skrill and Neteller.

These wallets allow you to work with cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoins, Ethereum and Litecoin. With an account, you can make crypto exchanges, its purchase and sale. Accordingly, if you need the ability to replenish your account with a cryptocurrency in the scanner, then you can use one of these services.

In all other situations, when the user has only cryptocurrency, but needs to renew the selected tariff in one of the scanners or purchase a new subscription, it remains only to either continue looking for a program equipped with this function, or convert coins into a more familiar currency. However, it is important to remember that the deeper the better moves along the list of available scanners, moving farther and farther from the top positions, the higher the likelihood of stumbling upon such a resource where even the possibility of paying with all the cryptocurrencies in the world will not save. Do not forget that the search for arbitrage situations is, first of all, the quality and quantity of the information provided, and only then convenient payment methods or any other advantages.