Properties of bets Back and Lay

What strategies only do not use players to achieve a positive result for them. One option that pays off over the years is to bet in the form of Back and Lay. Understand them simply enough, so you can quickly count on profits and convert your knowledge into new wins.

The Back and Lay strategy is popular among experienced players. It is advisable to focus on confrontations in which there is an obvious favorite when choosing suitable events,. The “Back” rates are usually characterized by a less attractive ratio, but carry a few risks. Which version of the game is best to choose in the long term and what should be paid attention to when analyzing events? Under what predictions does the probability of a positive outcome increase?

Preferably, in the meeting was a favorite, then, making a bet on it, the player chooses Back. In this case, he will be satisfied only with the victory of this side, and if he wins another or a drawn outcome of the confrontation, he loses his money. On the other hand, you can bet on Lay, then you can win due to the fact that the outsider wins or the victor will not be revealed. The scheme is quite simple, so it is actively used by betting lovers around the world. With some adaptation, it can be used in rates for surebets and middles.

The key to a successful outcome for, as in other cases, will be a detailed analysis of the confrontation and the balance of forces of the parties. When betting Back and Lay is extremely important, because you can play on the weaknesses of the favorite, but first things first.

When is it better to choose the strategy Back, and in what cases Lay?


This is the most common question among those who are only going to try this strategy in practice. You should always proceed from a specific situation, namely, the coefficients offered by the bookmaker and the current balance of forces. Seeing quotes from professionals, it will be much easier to understand which of the rivals should be relied on, and on whom - AGAINST. It is always important to know:

  • where exactly the meeting takes place;
  • recent team results;
  • personal history;
  • injuries and disqualifications.

All this together will achieve the desired result. Choosing the strategy Back and Lay, it should be borne in mind that the first version of the forecasts will be accompanied by lower quotes. This is completely unsurprising, since the bet for the favorite is a common version of the game. No one wants to risk their earnings, so strive to protect themselves as much as possible.

Due to the large influx of bets, as well as other indicators, the number of forecasts in favor of one team is much more than another. However, as once we love sport because of its unpredictability, so virtually anything can happen in a meeting.

The bet Back also carries risks, because you lose a serious amount. Practice shows that the average size of the forecasts for the favorite is greater than the outsider. The fact is that the underdog is hardly capable of sensation, so even a small bet size can bring good profits, provided there are high coefficients. Also, the forecast Back the favorite most often means only his victory, which increases the risks.

In such circumstances, many players use the opposite strategy. Betting against a favorite is usually quite risky, but attracts ordinary players with a high odds. If at least one of several such predictions win, you will find yourself in the black.

The specifics of the formation of coefficients

Many players do not understand why quotes for favorites are always lower. Traditionally, the majority of oppositions in the field of sports involves 3 options for the outcome - this is a victory for one of the teams, as well as a drawn outcome of opposition. When you bet  Back you, only what has been predicted, for example, the victory of one of the parties, will suit you. In this case, winning an opponent or a draw outcome of the confrontation automatically means your loss. This certainly faced every lover of predictions.

In the case when a bet is made AGAINST one of the rivals or a drawn outcome of the confrontation, you receive funds in two cases. This increases the likelihood of a positive result. For example, you rely on the fact that there will be no draw in the meeting, so the victory of each of the parties will fully suit you. In this particular case, it is possible to lose only if the result is 0: 0, 1: 1, 2: 2, and so on. In fact, in a bet AGAINST a high probability of winning, since several options are summed up here at once.

This variant of forecasts is popular even in the long term. For example, before the start of any championship (football, basketball, volleyball), it is enough to make a prediction against the favorite. For example, “Manchester City” will NOT be the champion of England. This is traditionally offered a good coefficient, because even despite the fact that the “citizens” are one of the main favorites, a lot can happen over a long tournament. In this case, you will be satisfied with the victory of any of the 19 other teams in the English Premier League.

The problem is that it is “Manchester City”, perhaps the strongest of them, so competitors will have to do their best 100% to achieve a result. Parallels can be drawn with the NBA, NHL and other popular championships.

Specifics of Back and Lay in online bets

The development of progressive technologies has not bypassed this trend in the field of interest rates. Now making predictions on confrontations that take place in real time is especially beneficial, because they assume only minimal risks. Back and Lay are very popular in this case, because you can rely on how events develop in this or that confrontation.

One of the most profitable choices is the lay rate when a favorite and an outsider are encountered. Suppose that the latter unexpectedly seized the initiative and leads in the course of the meeting. In this case, the favorite quotes become noticeably more attractive. But if you still put against an outsider, you can get a pretty good win. Usually bookmakers offer a large ratio in this case, the more significant the difference (2-3 goals), the higher it is.

Of course, the risks in this case are very high, so it is extremely important to understand that this is a slight relaxation of the leader or his inability to impose a struggle in this particular meeting. If you can distinguish between these concepts, then the probability of a positive result will be quite large. True, the risks also should not be forgotten, they are quite substantial and, most likely, in most cases, this rate will be losing. But even one victory after several attempts can bring a good income.

The Back and Lay strategy is also quite well adapted for tennis. It is also better to choose the confrontation, which takes place in real time. It is better to bet Back, especially if there is already a second set. And here it is important not to miss the moment, because if the advantage of the favorite becomes obvious, then the coefficients on it will quickly collapse.

Practice shows that such a strategy to make a profit, even in the long run. The main thing is to catch the moment when the favorite is already confidently stepping forward, but the quotes have not yet collapsed. This usually happens after 3-4 games in the second set.

Thus, the presented strategy is a good option for earnings, even in the long term. It will allow you to fully realize your talent as a forecaster and claim a good reward.