Criterias for composing our arbitrage rating

Professional sport betters do not only have their own strategies to counter bookmakers, but are also good at defining reputation of betting companies. Besides, skillful betters know all about supporting services − for instance, arbitrage or forecasting resources. Novices can face difficulties here, and this explains why they are looking for systematized multi-facet information.

Why there are lots of ratings

Gambling is not only about bookmakers and gamblers themselves. The market is also occupied by information providers. Each of them has their own views regarding reliability and functionality of market professionals − therefore, they often express their opinions through composing ratings.

Readers appreciate the way how such complex and significant information is given.

Скорость работы сканера вилок

How our arbitrage rating is formed: 4 criteria

Our website provides the arbitrage rating to respond to demands of our target audience. This is how we express our views on quality of available gambling services. Thus, we are always ready to give reasons why we rate resources this way.


One does not have to prove the significance of this factor in the context of successful surebetting. It is too simple with it: the higher is the service speed, the more arbs they will probably find, which increases possible incomes. We all know that an arb can live just several seconds, and a perfect service must analyze lines of all bookmakers, cover all sports and outcomes, and sort all this stuff out as swiftly as possible.

However, never a one resource can show such efficiency, so all key factors are considered separately when composing the rating.

Качество сканирования сканера вилок

Scanning quality

The thing that must not be in information provided is mistakes and errors. A good resource should conduct analysis in two modes — pre-match and live. It is significant that information regarding arbitrage situations should be as rich as possible and include kind of sports, rivals, bets, coefficients, current score, math time, and other details. The formula used when searching for arbs affects this parameter.

Just for example:

These algorithms are designed to find 3 initial surebets — this cannot be done manually.

The quality of bookmakers scanned is also important. The more is their number, the more combinations can emerge — therefore, a service can offer more arbs.

Technical capabilities of scanner should be configured to provide correct data for every event, despite possible differences in team names, host/guest position, time zones between various bookmakers.

Безопасность сканера вилок


Good scanners help gamblers architect strategies to avoid limitations that can be applied by bookmakers. For instance, AllBestBets scanner provides access to a bet right on the bookmaker website through Arb Helper, but the redirect path is not tracked.

In this context we also speak of availability of high-quality hiding menu — an option that lets a gambler filter out ready arbs to concentrate on new ones. It must be noted that most services do have such a tool, but experience shows that it is often buggy and has limited capabilities. However, we pay attention to this factor when preparing our arbitrage rating.
Цена сканеров ввилок


Functionality is not the only thing that does matter for a gambler. Especially at the early stage, when an arb better only tries to become a true professional, it is all about finance. In this case, it could be fairly noted that a high-quality product cannot be cheap or even free-of-charge. From the other hand, it couldn’t be argued that well-promoted services are inclined to prove their status — particularly through costly plans. Thus, “high price = high quality” principle cannot be an absolutely correct in terms of considering service reliability.

This is the reason why our arbitrage rating was composed with respect to 4 criteria that a surebetter should take into account.

Each parameter is evaluated from 1 to 10. 1 for the lowest score, 10 for the highest.

What else?

We suppose our readers have their own views on efficient prioritizing. So, we agree that

1. Swift and competent tech support is a significant factor. Arb betters say that support services of some scanners can ignore requests for several days or even forever.
2. The website should not be overwhelmed with ads or banners — this can distract attention and disastrously impact the speed of operation.
3. A good arb calculator would be a great supplement. In cooperation with a trusted finance strategy, it will provide fair deposit and profit control.

Please note that our arbitrage rating is not an objective etalon. Bookmaker market is always changing, new tools and services emerge, and respected resources yield their positions. We follow the trends and try our best to keep information we provide relevant and up-to-date.