ESports and surebets

Esports is divided into several large varieties depending on the tasks assigned to the user: shooters, strategies, sports, role-playing (RPG), simulators. There may also be a mixture of several genres. Here the task for the athletes is the same as in any other sport - to emerge victorious from the competition by gaining more points than the opponent or by fulfilling another condition.

Now eSports competitions attract a large number of gamers and fans around the world. People discuss them on the Internet, write about them in Newspapers, tell in the news The largest tournaments are broadcast live on Federal channels. Such a jump in the popularity of the discipline could not remain without the attention of bookmakers, today almost all operators are ready to take bets on virtual battles.

ESports is developing with great strides, every year more and more people talk about it, there are professional eSports players, whole leagues and large-scale tournaments. The number of his admirers steadily is growing. The generation born in the era of computer games has grown and actively joins the ranks of fans of virtual competitions. The appearance of extensive lines for eSports in bookmakers could not go unnoticed by their customers, players began to learn a new discipline, find profitable bets here, look for valui. Some successfully earn by betting exclusively on computer games.

What about surebets? They, of course, also could not pass by such a tasty piece. It was found that at the dawn of the appearance of discipline in the betting lines, it was possible to catch good arb even by yourself, without scanners. There were no scanners, but they weren't needed. The bookmakers line usually always offered only the main outcomes on the winner of the match, that is, W1 and W2. It was not difficult to calculate the arbitrage manually. Because of bookies disagreements and inability to properly analyze electronic sports, surebets appeared in large numbers. It was a Paradise for profies. But today the situation has changed somewhat, bookmakers are more responsible approach to the formation of the line. Yes, you can still find arbitrage rates, but it has become much more difficult to do it manually, without auxiliary services you can not do.

In this article we will tell you more about surebets, scanners and bookmakers with eSports. But first of all, let's consider the discipline itself, what areas exist, what markets are offered, what advantages and so on. Without this knowledge, you can earn money, so get comfortable and let's go.


ESports does not stand still, but is actively developing. Already now it is possible to count one and a half dozen varieties of games on which tournaments are held. We will list the most popular destinations that consistently appear in the line of bookmakers.

CS: GO (Counter-Strike)

CS: GO (Counter-Strike)

The most popular game in the world of eSports, the ancestor of all shooters, for sure, everyone played it. The discipline involves two teams, one acts as the terrorists, the other as special. The goal of each team-to destroy the enemy and perform one of the tasks: to hold the checkpoint, release the hostages, capture the base, deliver the goods to a certain point.

In all bookmakers, where eSports is supported, CS: GO (Counter-Strike) will necessarily be present, and in the first place. In the wide line, plus the matches are held daily and in large quantities, so the lack of events here, in principle, does not happen.

DotA 2

Dota 2

The founder of the genre MOBA (abbreviation of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Once DotA 2 was no more than one location of another game - WarCraft. However, it became so popular that it was decided to separate it into a separate discipline. The developers did not lose, the direction annually brings them millions of dollars in profit, and the demand for the game is only growing.

In DotA 2, two teams compete, five people each. All players choose one of the characters. The goal – to capture the main throne of the enemy, or force him to surrender. Matches in the discipline are held regularly, so that here customers of bookies will not be a loser.



The most famous football simulator in the world. It is updated annually. The game takes place according to the standard rules of football, two gamers compete. Only the stopwatch here goes much faster than in reality. The winner is the one who scored the most goals, in case of a draw, penalty kicks are awarded.

In FIFA there are many football leagues, teams, teams and tournaments. ESports players compete in a single championship or international competition. Who in the end will take first place in the table or celebrate success in the final match, he receives the main award. It can reach tens of millions of dollars.



A relatively new discipline, which became widespread in 2016. In some ways similar to CS: GO. Here players are divided into two teams of 6 people each, the goal of the game is different: to capture the enemy base; defend your base; deliver the goods to the destination; hold on to the checkpoint for a while. The characters in the game are very different, with different skills and weapons.

Unfortunately, there are not many overwatch tournaments so far, so the discipline is not a frequent guest in the line of bookmakers. It can be seen only in a certain number of operators and only during major international tournaments.

League of Legends  

League of Legends

Another MOBA project that has millions of fans around the world. Players are divided into two groups of 6 people. The goal is one-to destroy all enemy bases and the main tower. The characters are very different, everyone has their own skills, talents and weapons. If no one was able to complete the main mission, the victory is credited to the team with more points.

League of Legends has a complex structure. It consists of world and regional leagues, which are divided into professional and Amateur divisions. Lack of competition in this discipline has never been observed, there is always something to bet, tournaments are held almost daily.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat

Who does not remember the fighting game Mortal Kombat, which once chopped on consoles? Today, this discipline has gained a second wind, having received the status of an eSports discipline. This is the only direction in the genre of "fight". The game involves two athletes, they choose a certain character and fight with the enemy to three victories. I think we all remember what the soldiers and what skills they possess.

It is impossible to tell that the direction is widespread, tournaments on it not so much. Accordingly, the bookmakers line is very limited. But during the competition you can find quite passable rates. Truth, in bookmakers line you can usually find only basic outcomes.

Starcraft 2 

Starcraft 2

The famous strategy since the days of 8-bit consoles. Compete from 2 to 6 people, each is given its own planet with buildings, factories, mines, units, weapons and equipment. The goal – to pump the base and try to capture the planet opponents. Who in the end will conquer all opponents is declared the winner.

Starcraft 2 tournaments are quite numerous, there is always something to bet on. In the bookies line you can find proposals exclusively for the winner of the match. Other options, in principle, can not be.



The last game on our list, which is also very popular in the world of eSports. This is a strategy using playing cards, but not ordinary, and special, each drawn character with special skills, a total of 30 pieces. The goal is to defeat the opponent, bringing his health level to zero. To do this players take turns to strike each other damage precipitated to them by the characters.

ESports betting options

Above we have considered the most common eSports disciplines. Now let's move on to the betting options offered by bookmakers. There are not many of them, mainly the following markets:

  • Victory of one of the team or athlete. Classic market of W1 and W2 . Sometimes there is also a proposal for a draw, there are also bets on a double chance of 1X and 2X. the Main outcomes are given in any direction.
  • The winner of the first round, card, stage, half depending on the discipline. When compared to real football, the bet looks like a " first-half winner." The rate is in all directions, consisting of several rounds.
  • A variety of totals. Bets can be accepted on the number of rounds, killed enemies, captured bases and other indicators of the game. In principle, the market is used wherever you can count the performance of the game.
  • Who will commit the first murder. A bet for the shooter and some MOBA games. The bet is on which team will make the first kill in the game. There are also variations on individual characters for each round. The meaning of the bet is clear and obvious.
  • A variety of handicaps. There can be handicaps on the number of rounds, kills, captured bases and so on.
  • Individual results of teams or sportsman. Who will make how many kills, the number of captured bases, how many rounds will win. We think the meaning of the bet is clear.
  • Will pass in the next round of. ESports tournaments have a complex grid consisting of a group stage, semi-finals and finals. The task of the better is to guess who will pass to the next stage of the competition.
  • Race to 5, 10, 15 and so on kills.
  • The exact number of rounds/cards/stages in the game.
  • How many minutes or hours will the match last. Usually the range is specified, for example, 1-30 minutes, more than 30 minutes, and so on.
  • The number of enemies killed in the game, or specifically by one team.

These are universal betting options that can be applied in every discipline. Depending on the direction there are other bets. For example, in Fifa it's goals, winning every half and so on. In CS: GO, you can issue a coupon for the number of kills with a gun and a knife. In principle, it is impossible to describe all specific rates, it will take an entire article.  


Very often the betters use betting on skin. This is a special direction of betting, in which not money is used as collateral, but game items: weapons, armor, potions, spells, cards, etc. they are called skins, hence the term skinbetting. In fact, the user concludes the usual bet, but does not risk finances, and their things from the games. At the time of writing, there are not so many sites providing services in this area, they can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

How is winning and losing calculated? Very simply. The user in a special site as a Deposit makes game items, the system evaluates them and translates into cash. In case of winning the bet, the client receives real money or other items comparable in price on the balance. It all depends on the policies of the portal services.

Skinbetting is convenient for those who have collected a large number of game items and now wants to monetize them, or get rid of the excess. Plus, you can exchange artifacts for other, more suitable and necessary. Another advantage is that even minor users can use the service, since mutual settlements are made not in money, but in objects, which is not prohibited by the current legislation.   

Bookies for eSport

Back in 2015, this question was relevant, today it sounds a bit strange, as in any bookmaker represented eSports. Bookies  there would be no discipline actually left.  This includes world giants loyal to surebets: Pinnacle, Sbobet, Betfair. 

The only question is how extensive are the Championships and tournaments in each bookmaker, as well as the covered areas of eSports. Somewhere the line is narrow, only the largest world competitions are issued, somewhere regional competitions are covered, somewhere the line is too narrow. We will not say about each operator, it is too long a story. We will note only that in the largest and popular bookmaker with a line and a list of problems does not arise.

In addition, there are specialized bookmakers that accept bets exclusively on eSports. The most famous and reliable operators:

  • GGbet. It boasts coverage of a large number of disciplines and a wide line. Plus is published daily on the line not only with international tournaments and regional competitions.
  • EGB. Very wide line for any event. There are original markets that do not have competitors. But the margin is high, on average equal to 15%.
  • Loot Bet. 
  • CybBet. In addition to the wide and detailed line, there are also live video broadcasts of eSports tournaments.

These bookies are good because they cover a large number of competitions and offer a wide variety of bets.

Features of bets on eSports

ESports has its own characteristics that every player who decides to bet on it needs to know about. Let's denote the main points:

  • In case the event was interrupted for any reason (electricity was cut off, computers "hung"), a number of bookmakers will make a full refund of bets on all markets. Others will calculate the bets that actually took place, for example, the total of the first round.
  • Almost no obookie has its own analytical department, which is engaged in eSports. In this regard, there is a lot of overestimated outcomes. Just what you need for arbs.
  • ESports is little studied, so it is a very risky direction for bookmaker. In this regard, they put a fairly high margin in the coefficients. Often it is not lower than 10%, and in some reaches 15%.

Be sure to study the rules of each bookmaker, as the differences can be significant, which will lead to loss of money.

Surebets in eSports

In technical terms, surebets in eSports are no different from conventional arbs for other sports. The player needs to find favorable odds on opposite outcomes in different bookmakers and issue coupons for them. As practice shows, most often arbitration situations arise on the main outcomes: W1 and W2. You can also find wilking quotes on totals, Asian handicaps. In other markets, surebets are hard to find.

It is often possible to find very profitable farbs with a yield above 50%. In a normal situation, they are not recommended to take, but in the case of virtual sports, they are suitable. Bookmakers do not count them as mistakes, as bets on these events are not concluded EN masse, but only by fans.

Surebets are often found on major disciplines like CS: GO, Dota 2, League of Legends. Other directions are not as profitable, as in the bookmakers line are slightly weaker. In general, professional players should choose office with large line, there are often mistakes.

The attitude of bookmakers to surebets on eSports

One thing is for sure -cutting highs sooner or later will come. It all depends on the arrogance of the player, the bookmaker and other factors. It happens that the user for years puts arbitration situations, while not getting banned, as it uses small amounts. It happens that for large bets you can lose your account for the day. Here it is impossible to predict everything. The recommendations for extending the" life " of the account are the same as for regular surebets to other sports. They are abundantly presented in the relevant articles on our website.

In general, bookmakers do not yet have full-time specialists who would analyze eSports and put up competent quotes. As a result, there are many arbs do not want to take. Most often, the coefficients are set on the basis of statistics, or simply copied from other bookmakers.

It is noticed that if you put surebets only on eSports, the cutting of highs does not come so quickly. Firstly, the bookmakers are not so careful about this sport, and secondly, there are not enough bets on it to claim any losses. For these reasons, flirting with virtual competitions is very profitable. Of course, the popularity of the discipline is growing, and over time, when it becomes mass, bookmaker will be more careful to search for them. In the meantime, you can earn almost without interference.


ESports is developing by leaps and bounds, every year the number of its fans is growing, and the number of tournaments held in the world is increasing. In bookmakers discipline firmly entered the line, there are almost no operators who would not offer bets on computer games. This led to a natural increase in interest on the surbets because the use of arbitration in such a promising direction can be a profitable occupation. And they were right. Today, it is easy to find arbs not only by scanners but by yourself. Bookmakers do not actively cut the highs for arbitrage bets in eSports, as they do not have the proper tools for this, besides betting is not massive.

Hence, we draw a logical conclusion that surbets on eSports can and should be used, they will bring a significant profit. At the same time, it is safer to work with them than with other sports. For example, in football, bookmakers will apply sanctions in just a couple of bets, here accounts often "live" for several months. But it is important to understand eSports, what are the options for betting, terminology, strength of teams and other information, without this it will be difficult to earn.