Scanners rating of surebets


How to make money on the middles?

There are a lot of gaming and financial strategies for earning sports betting, but not all of them can be considered successful. Unfortunately, most tactics do not maintain the distance and margin of the bookmaker, leading the player at best to a minus. However, there are profitable systems that actually guarantee profits in the long run and reduce the risks of losing the bank to the lowest possible values. “Middles” are deservedly considered one of the best.

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What are features of positive and negative middles?

Increasing with heavy paces, competition in betting leads to divergences in lines of bookmakers. The coefficient difference creates an arb — a win-win bet with a relatively moderate income; and a middle is a divergence in handicaps and totals.  There is a section "Middles" and "Scanner rating of middles" on our website.

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